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The Healing Circle Newsletter

Issue No. 2, June 2021

Founder’s note

Dear Sangha,

Another school year comes to a close!
We cannot express in words just how much gratitude we feel for a safe operation and closing amidst turbulent times. We are in deep gratitude to the seamless teamwork in our entire team and the wonderful cooperation and understanding from our children and parent community.

Thank you!


Seva Trips to Freedom Land

This school year was a special one. As most of our work was mainly online, the need for connection went beyond just friends and teachers. It was a need to connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky that led students with parents’ consent, to visit Freedom Land over December, January and February of this academic year.


Staying Positive during a COVID challenge

Just sharing with you all - given the spread of COVID around - our centre has been offering online help for those who have tested positive and helping their recovery.


Covid-19 Care with Integrated Homoeopathy

We, at Prajna Integrated Homoeopathy Clinic are actively diagnosing and treating cases of Covid -19. As a team, we provide medical support, diet and nutritional guidance to the patient and his family as well as guide towards breathing and meditation practices that aid quicker and complete recovery. Counselling and regular follow ups with the family helps maintain equilibrium and support to the patient.


School Update

Keeping our work heart based, child centric and holistic, teachers and facilitators enabled rich engaging online learning spaces. Highlight of the term was the partial reopening of the school from grade 6 upwards with clear guidelines from the education ministry.


Parijatha/SAC Update

Recently, the children of Parijata visited Freedom Land – the clean, green, serene space for our upcoming new campus. The children are also being trained in hand embroidery & stitching. Veda Mohan is teaching them ‘Voice and Presence’. A meeting with the parents of the children in Parijata was held, where the parents learned how the children were cared for during COVID times


Online Courses

Emotional Well-being, Compassionate Communication and 21 Days Meditation and Wellness Practices offered online.



Our new campus at Kallukunte provides us a platform to imbibe, integrate and manifest a Conscious Community. A range of initiatives from Education, Healthcare, Afforestation, Waste Mgt, Water Conservation, Organic farming, Renewable energy, Skill development have taken shape. Resources in the form of knowledge, finance, technology and manpower are the needs of the hour.


Freedom Land Update

Farm school is the first of the many school buildings getting ready for us. We are excitedly watching the progress. The front of the Farm school has a view of Ujjina Betta. Right next to the main Farm School building is a multi-purpose large hall - cool and breezy even in the summer heat.


1000 Together

The past few months have seen us take care of the 8000 odd trees on Freedom Land. The work has entailed mulching the pits, setting up drip systems, staking the trees, and unwavering dedicated watering by our team on the land.


Peace Bench

The idea of a peace bench is to bring people together. This year a couple of us had an amazing opportunity to get to design the peace benches for our new campus, with Martin, the school architect.


Sacred Classroom

The Sacred Classroom and Life & Living Foundational Programme, a retreat took place between 5th and 9th Jan 2021 for the leaders and the teacher team of Early Learning Centre (ELC) - a unit of CFAL, a progressive and innovative pre-primary and primary school in Mangalore.



Sampark: a Post-training Webinar Series (October 2020- January 2021) was born to guide Administrators, Principals and Teachers of the Odisha State Education Department apply their learning from the Teacher Inspiration and Inner Well-being program 2020.


Samagra Shikshana Karnataka

In the month of March, Prajna Vidya, Creative school was invited by Nali Kali State Advisory Committee Meeting at Samagra Shikshana Karnataka to present our Life and Living kit and the module. We were the only school invited by the department. This high committee meeting headed by SPD Deepa Cholan was aimed at looking at revamping the Nali Kali Primary curriculum.


Play Day for Jasmines

Play day was a day of immense joy for all of us. Children were thrilled to connect with peers and teachers. Even those who had only seen us through the small screens had lots to share.


Meeting by the Lakeside

The field trip to Kalkere lake was a refreshing change for all of us, a truly cherished time that brought us all together amidst Covid blues. It was absolutely joyful to connect with every child in person and hear a lot of interesting stories from them.


Life & Living Kit

"A kit for the development

of the whole child"

Wondering how to engage children? Here is a kit that gives you the opportunity to bond with your child and understand them better. A great gift you can give for your family.

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