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Parijatha/SAC Update

Shubha B N

Parijatha/SAC Update

Recently, the children of Parijata visited Freedom Land – the clean, green, serene space for our upcoming new campus. They trekked, mulched, planted trees & painted. A few Rotarians gifted the kids a much-enjoyed visit to the Planetarium. The children are also being trained in hand embroidery & stitching.

Veda Mohan is teaching them ‘Voice and Presence’. Children are getting to experience it through roleplays, singing and poetry writing - empowering activities for our kids.

A meeting with the parents of the children in Parijata was held, where the parents learned how the children were cared for during COVID times; they were overwhelmed by this and expressed their desire to contribute to this space of growth. Warmth, affection & gratitude were the resonant feelings at this meeting.

Next academic year, we will be supporting 52 children and are an inclusive school that provides a platform for all to reach their highest potential and we want to stay so; we need your help in continuing to realize this.

If you wish to support this cause, please contribute here -

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