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About Us

The Healing Circle is a registered trust with ongoing work in the following areas :


- Holistic Health and Wellness using meditation and many natural methods.

- Holistic Education of children

- Parenting and Counselling

- Holistic programs for Children from all economic backgrounds

- Programs for children and families with special needs

- Afforestation and Organic Farming

- Sustainable Living

- Rain Water Harvesting


The Healing Circle has two Units - 

Prajña  Wisdom Centre, that works on empowering both children and teachers to live fully - body, mind and soul. Spirituality is taught with a scientific basis, through which the community becomes aware of the interconnected nature of life and living.  It is a space for self-transformation and is an active sangha of people learning and growing together.  


Creative School - a registered  holistic school for children from the age group of 3 through 18. We support children from all income groups and special needs.


Our decade of work has shown us the readiness of our community to truly bring in consciousness in all aspects of life. All of us dream of a better world for our children – one of optimism, hope, joy and peace. Through conscious living, spiritual science processes, and sustainable lifestyles, we are able to bring these into our lives, relationships and environment. We have experienced our children thriving in such a space. A natural sense of expansiveness and abundance has seeped into all our lives.

Main Objectives

- To bring Consciousness into all areas of life.

- To promote community centres for Conscious Living. 

- To establish holistic soul based education centre for children and adults. 

- To carryon research and education in spiritual sciences and meditation. 

- To establish healing and health care centres. 

- To carryon activities relating to sustainable living, organic farming

- To promote holistic and ethical food preparation

- To promote sustainable and ethical recycling of waste. 

- To carryout training programs and workshops on any of the above objects,

   both residential and non-residential. 

- To establish libraries, meditation center, outreach centre for overall growth

   of students and local communities. 

Freedom Land our Centre is Centre for Conscious Soul Based Living

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The Board of Trustees

IMG_0650 (2)_edited.jpg

Jayashree Ashok



IMG_0650 (2)_edited.jpg

B Ashok




Reshma Madhusudan


Principal - Creative School


Rathy Nair


Vice Principal - Creative School

Manasa Ashok



Dhivya Naren


Head Mistress - Creative School


Veda Mohan


Director - Prajña Corporate, Prajña Vidya


Rahul Lahoti

Trustee, Joint CFO

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