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Sacred Classroom

Sithara K

Sacred Classroom

Creative School and Prajna Vidya
Works with Early Learning Centre and Centre for Advanced Learning, Mangalore

Vijay Moras and Sonia Moras, Trustees of Centre for Advanced Learning (CFAL) - a private training institution in Mangalore attended our very first Prajna Vidya Leadership Development Program Sacred Vision between 23rd and 25th November 2020 at Creative School. This is an immersive extended program spanning three years with focus on multiple aspects of leadership development intended to actively contribute to the birth and growth of a school based on the Creative School model.

The Sacred Classroom and Life & LivingTM Foundational Programme, a retreat took place between 5th and 9th Jan 2021 for the leaders and the teacher team of Early Learning Centre (ELC) - a unit of CFAL, a progressive and innovative pre-primary and primary school in Mangalore. 12 participants from Mangalore were joined by 13 members from Creative School and the Prajna units. This was an intensely transforming residential program. Every participant walked out of the retreat feeling inspired and empowered as a teacher.

‘‘I Appreciate’, Friendship Bridge, Mandala coloring, Breathwork sessions have aided and given me more time to appreciate and bind the team together. The Affirmations, Gratitude helps the team be happy, focused and more productive with their tasks.’ - Vijay Moras, Trustee CFAL

‘Since the session at Creative, I feel a verve for life, curiosity and expansiveness that was so prevalent within me when I was a child. My reconnection to the magic and wonder of childhood and my belief that anything is possible is a strong driving pulse, filling me with Joy! This feeling is very much like returning home from a long journey to my true self and true power.’ - Purnima Prabhu, ELC Administrator

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