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Covid-19 Care with Integrated Homoeopathy

Dr. Tamanna Chellani

Covid-19 Care with Integrated Homoeopathy

Over the last 15 months, immunity has become the new buzzword. The Covid-19 virus has moved the spotlight on the need to strengthen the protective mechanisms within us. Our innate and developed immunity is our best defense in the pandemic.

For ages, Homoeopathy has been on the forefront amongst medical sciences that promote and build inner immunity. Last year, homoeopathic remedies were distributed amongst lakhs of people for prevention. Many of those who availed of and continued taking these, either did not contract the infection or were affected mildly. Today also, the homoeopathic fraternity is deeply involved in treating Covid-19 cases.

Homoeopathy is useful for -
Mild and moderate positive cases with or without symptoms
Those with dipping oxygen levels and needing hospitalisation
Those who are hospitalised
Post Covid symptoms
Vaccination - before & after to reduce its ill effects.
Homoeopathic medicines can continue alongside life saving measures and allopathy where needed.

We, at Prajna Integrated Homoeopathy Clinic are actively diagnosing and treating cases of Covid -19 for all of the above. As a team, we provide medical support, diet and nutritional guidance to the patient and his family as well as guide towards breathing and meditation practices that aid quicker and complete recovery. Counselling and regular follow ups with the family helps maintain equilibrium and support to the patient.

Early diagnosis and treatment beside regular lifestyle care is the key in successful Covid management.
Reach us at :
Dr. Prachi Karandikar - 9673140473
Dr. Tamanna Chellani - 9890634500
Dr. Deepa Menon - 96458 20232

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