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School Update

Rathy Nair

School Update

Keeping our work heart based, child centric and holistic, teachers and facilitators enabled rich engaging online learning spaces.

Highlight of the term was the partial reopening of the school from grade 6 upwards with clear guidelines from the education ministry. For us it means Senior Lotus upwards. For Lotus and Sunflower we started with two days a week while Ixora and Cosmos came in for five days.

We also had the opportunity to hear from Jasmine-Aster-Orchid parents on the effectiveness and balanced approaches Creative used in engaging the child online. Every lesson, every session was designed keeping the essence of the child in mind.

As a part of partial reopening we addressed the parent community on having a steady spiritual hygiene at home to help build the physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being of all, which further contributes to a strong self and community.

As a school, holistic healthcare practices were emphasized as a part of our safety protocol. With this pandemic, we as a holistic school recommended addressing any existing health issues or fear with simple well-being practices and transforming ourselves with love and prosperity consciousness. Daily breathing exercises, Meditation, Fire meditation, to build emotional wellness and spiritual hygiene were discussed with children and the same is practiced at school as a safety protocol along with the Govt regulated norms.

Staggered class times with social distancing along with fire, chanting and attention to healthy food; 'kashaya' and nutritious organic food brought in a lot of ease and joy for the physical classroom sessions. Outdoor classes, fitness and Ultimate helped the child to realign, reenergise themselves to stay abundant & healthy. It was heartwarming to see the children slowly easing into the physical classroom spaces, meeting friends and turning back into a group setting.

For the younger grades, as a part of bringing attention to having minimal screen time, teachers engaged children with library routines, handwork sessions and passion projects.

Student-teacher community is looking for the year end reflective portfolio time and also the gallery presentations, short plays, sharing of the learnings which are normally celebrated as a culmination of the year. It was indeed a rich year and hearing a child reflecting on their learning is making our hearts fill with gratitude and grace.

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