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If you resonate with our work and would like to contribute towards our initiatives,

please make your transfers through the below. We express our sincere gratitude to you!

The power of collective effort far exceeds the sum of the individual efforts. We look forward to your support in this journey of co-creation, and in sharing the joy of abundance for future generations.

Thank you for making a difference to humanity.

Our Causes

Donors in India: Please click the 'Donate' button of any cause below to donate.

Overseas Donors: Please click here to view our bank details for direct funds transfer  


Freedom Land

Freedom Land is a conscious community space dedicated to inner freedom and outer productivity through collaborative work that inspires us to transcend personal boundaries.


Support a Child

The Healing Circle runs a program called ‘Support a Child’ at Creative School to invite interested organizations and individuals to sponsor the cost of educational expenses...


1000 Together

Thousand together is a project that aims to bring thousand people together to help re-green the land through various environmental projects. A green initiative by Creative...


Prajna Vidya

With a vision to empower educators and make this available to a larger community, this work presents us a unique opportunity to make a difference - come be a part of this journey.


Aarogya Jyothi

We provide integrative health care through medical aid and well-being practices to people from the lower income communities - by focusing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing using Homoeopathic medicines and Holistic healing modalities to aid mind-body-soul balance.


The Oneness
Meditation Temple

A sacred space for silence, meditation, introspection and connection with the divine. It is a soul chamber where we can slow down gently to listen to our soul’s voice.


Bridge School for Children of Migrant Labourers

Chiguru is a bridge school for children of migrant labourers currently working at construction sites in Freedom Land. Moggu is a day care center for smaller children. The goal is to provide a safe and joyful learning environment for these children while addressing their growth needs – nutritional, physical, motor, mental, emotional, and social.

Anchor to Bank Transfers

Direct Bank Transfers

Donors in India

Account Name: The Healing Circle
Account Number: 041594600000714

Account Type: Savings Account 
IFSC Code: YESB0000415


Please mail us your name, phone number, email address and PAN number following the direct transfer.

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