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Samagra Shikshana Karnataka

Shubha B N

Samagra Shikshana Karnataka

In the month of March, Prajna Vidya, Creative school was invited by Nali Kali State Advisory Committee Meeting at Samagra Shikshana Karnataka to present our Life and Living kit and the module. We were the only school invited by the department. This high committee meeting headed by SPD Deepa Cholan was aimed at looking at revamping the Nali Kali Primary curriculum. Jayashree Ashok presented our Life and Living programme. We helped all the high committee members to play and experience Self Expression card game for a few minutes. The Committee decided to invite us again for the next level of meeting headed by SPD, SSK with all high committee members, resource persons and the teachers who work on the Learning outcomes of Teaching.

We got an opportunity to again present our Life and Living module. This time we made it more experiential for the participants. Each one of them connected to each activity and responded well. This made them understand how these activities can be integrated into classrooms across subjects without having to keep a separate time. They will be adding learning outcomes of our L and L activities into Nali Kali curriculum. Next level of meeting will be this month. We are looking forward to work with the government to reach millions of children.

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