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Radha Ghanagam


In January 2020, the Odisha State Education Department invited Prajna Vidya to host a program on Teacher Inspiration and Inner Well-being. The program for 300 Administrators, Principals and Teachers in Bhubaneswar was well received as evidenced by the success stories shared by them. Given the pandemic scenario, we felt it was the right time to help participants apply their learning and emerge stronger from the challenges. Thus was born Sampark: a Post-training Webinar Series (October 2020- January 2021).

Feedback from the State Administrative Leadership:
Shri Lingraj Panda, SPD OAVS
“Creative School and Prajna Vidya’s programs are unique as they first focus on self-care and overall well-being of the Teacher leading to self-transformation and empowerment, which in turn empowers each child towards growth and self-esteem through holistic learning.”

And so we continue our journey of empowering teachers to empower students, families and communities through our work at Creative School and Prajna Vidya.

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