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1000 Together

Naveen Chhabria

1000 Together

The past few months have seen us take care of the 8000 odd trees on Freedom Land. The work has entailed mulching the pits, setting up drip systems, staking the trees, and unwavering dedicated watering by our team on the land.

As we go into the summer, we are being extra vigilant and taking all measures to ensure steady care-taking of the trees on the land. During this period, we have begun working towards planting 4000 trees in the months ahead of us.

To go with the reforestation efforts, we had a rich harvest of 408 kgs of Tur Dal, 27 kgs of Avarekai, and lots of veggies and greens from our natural farming areas. We also harvested tomatoes, potatoes, brinjal, cluster beans, various gourds and even mangoes from our land. Our children could eat some of this before the school year completed.

We look forward to the months ahead of us and your support along the way.

If you wish to support this cause, please contribute here -

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