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Peace Bench

Aparajita Dutta

Peace Bench

The idea of a peace bench is to bring people together. This year a couple of us had an amazing opportunity to get to design the peace benches for our new campus, with Martin, the school architect. Working with Martin, was an eye opener. I realised that design is more than just building an aesthetic, it's about problem solving with keeping an aesthetic sense in mind. We came up with multiple design concepts and were super excited to start the construction process on the land.

Once we were on the field, the initial design that we went with completely changed. As it was our first time doing this, we misjudged the size of allocated space. So, we ended up creating another design on spot, and started construction with the help of masonry and our friends.

We were able to finish the peace bench in a span of four days. It was very exciting to build the bench, as we got to see the structure come to life, from a sketch to a full functioning bench!

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