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Freedom Land

Freedom Land is a conscious community space dedicated to inner freedom and outer productivity through collaborative work that inspires us to transcend personal boundaries.

With a vision to make Conscious Learning and Living possible in larger communities, we have now embarked on setting up a campus, Freedom Land, a gentle hillside of 34 acres near Doddaballapur, Karnataka, about an hour away from Bangalore.

Our decade of work has shown us the readiness of our community to truly bring in consciousness in all aspects of life. All of us dream of a better world for our children – one of optimism, hope, joy and peace. Through conscious living, spiritual science processes, and sustainable lifestyles, we are able to bring these into our lives, relationships and environment. We have experienced our children thriving in such a space. A natural sense of expansiveness and abundance has seeped into all our lives.

We envisage a holistic education campus catering to the mind, body and soul of the community at large. Physical manifestation of this vision has been meticulously researched and conceptualized based on decades of experience. The master plan provides for setting up of a campus with eco-friendly architecture in a natural environment designed to maintain the essence and character of the geographic location by acknowledging its unique flora and fauna.

This campus has been planned strategically, with inputs and learning from our existing campus that has been primarily funded by the Founding Trustees - B. Ashok and Jayashree Ashok. As we now embark on setting up our new campus at a larger scale (Master Plan enclosed), the overall project cost and financial outlay is INR 55.0 Cr. A portion of the amount has been raised over the past two years with the benevolence of our Founding Trustees. We are now committed to raise INR 15.0 Cr. over the next 12 months. These funds are specifically earmarked for projects and outcomes across:

- Rural Education
- Reforestation as part of our green initiative
- Watershed and Waste Management
- Science & Technology laboratories
- Solar Farm as part of our renewable energy initiative
- Visual Arts and Performing Arts Centre
- Vocational Skills Development Centre - a support to the rural community
- Sports Stadium (indoor and outdoor)
- Library

This will go a long way in establishing a holistic approach towards community wellbeing, while ensuring quality education for children aged 3-19 from all socio-economic backgrounds. We look forward to your support in this journey of co-creation, and in sharing the joy of abundance for future generations. Thank you for making a difference to humanity.

Project Gallery

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