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The Oneness
Meditation Temple

A sacred space for silence, meditation, introspection and connection with the divine. It is a soul chamber where we can slow down gently to listen to our soul’s voice.

Oneness is being in synchrony with the Divine Universal Energies to carry out our work with joy and abundance while having a clear purpose in life. Oneness Temple provides us the space to align ourselves with the Divine Universal Energies to carry out our purpose in life.

Each of us has a unique journey along with oneness in shared purpose. Through meditation, we drop our identification and come into simplicity and harmony of one energy.

Envisioned as a spiritual legacy for generations to come, the Oneness Temple is a spiritual space that facilitates personal transformation by providing an ambiance conducive for deep meditation through its sacred architecture that fosters free flowing energy and an intimate connection with the Divine.

An architecture of spiritual magnificence :
The structure encompasses the Five Elements of Nature. The built space allows for connecting to the sun (fire), has built-in water bodies (water), is constructed with mud-blocks (earth), in the open expanse of Freedom Land (space) with free-flowing, fresh air from the rich and diverse green cover (earth) including the Sacred Grove.

The sacred confluence of the Five Elements in the Oneness temple deepens every meditator’s experience, and helps to reset and balance the elements within.

Design Details of The Oneness Temple :
The dome is built of stabilized mud block for walls like every other structure at Freedom Land. The main dome spans approximately 2800 sqft and can accommodate around 150 people meditating together. Its structure has smaller meditation chambers that are fine tuned for each of the chakras that in turn offer us a space to nourish, heal and come into Wholeness.

Each of the chambers represent the 7 chakras and helps bring in balance of that energy. Every chamber is around 100sqft and connects to the essence of the chakras.
Each chamber can accommodate 10 meditators at a time.

A gift to individuals, community, and future generations...

As we transform our ‘self’, the world around us synchronously transforms too. Traditional scriptures state that the Universe is a projection of consciousness: as we become healthier, happier, and more peaceful, and abundant, so does the world we create around us.

Especially in times crisis and strife such as the recent pandemic, when fear appears to overpower faith, the Oneness Temple stands as a monument that invites us to restore peace, harmony and well-being, bringing normalcy back to life.

Project Details
Start - Aug 15th, 2021
Expected Inauguration - Aug 15th, 2023

Ways to Contribute
The Oneness Temple sprawls across 6000sq.ft approximately.
Donate just INR 1500 per square foot or multiples thereof to support the construction of the Oneness Temple.

Any contribution, small or big, is part of this oneness.
Together we are co-creating this Sacred Sangha Space, open to everyone.

With your contribution, we are confident that the Collective is manifesting the majestic dream of
co-creating peace and harmony in the world through the Oneness Temple.

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