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Our Units

The Healing Circle is a registered trust with the following units


Creative School

Creative is a conscious community and registered holistic school for children, parents, and teachers located in North Bangalore. It is built upon a strong spirit of sadhana and service.


Originally inspired by the teachings on Integral Education by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and guided by many spiritual teachers and educationists, the school addresses all aspects of education - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, acknowledging a child as a complete human being. Every child has a unique essence and our broad curriculum supports this. We support children from all income groups and special needs.

Every child has a unique essence and our broad curriculum supports this. We support children from all income groups and special needs.

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Prajña Wisdom Centre

Works on empowering both children and teachers to live fully - body, mind and soul. Spirituality is taught with a scientific basis, through which the community becomes aware of the interconnected nature of life and living. It is a space for self-transformation and is an active sangha of people learning and growing together.

Prajña Wisdom Centre encompasses our other units Prajña Vidya, Prajña Integrative Medicine and Prajña Corporate as well.

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Prajña Vidya

Empower to Empower

Prajña Vidya, the social outreach arm of Creative School began with one true calling : Empower children and educators worldwide. We support all educators (administrators and teachers), parents and children across the learner spectrum worldwide with our proprietary framework of holistic development.

We believe that the shift happens when all stakeholders in the society are empowered, and are ready to make the change happen for our children, who deserve to learn and grow holistically.

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Glass Buildings

Prajña Corporate

We don't Train, We Transform

Prajña Corporate is a unique provider of experiential and transformative learning, through facilitation and coaching offerings.

Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, quantum science based technology, inclusive communication, psychotherapy, psychodrama and art therapy are some learning interventions facilitated by us.


Prajña Integrative Medicine

Our mission is to empower every individual into a state of complete physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health through his own conscious participation and awareness using homoeopathic medicines and other therapeutic means that aid a mind-body-soul balance.


We do regular clinical consultations , personal counseling and dispensing of homoeopathic medicines for all classes of patients. Online support for all regular patients (since onset of Covid – 19 pandemic) to help maintain mental health. 90% subsidy in fee structure for the lower socio-economic class.

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