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Compassion, a word that ignites our attention and yet feels elusive and hard to practise in daily life. What exactly does ‘compassion’ mean? What does it entail? How can we 'cultivate compassion' and make it come alive in our daily living? What happens when we do? What are the benefits of being compassionate? 


Jayashree Ashok & B. Ashok answer these significant questions and more, in the book ‘Cultivating Compassion’. The Founder-Directors of The Healing Circle Trust, where the practice of compassion is both foundational and indispensable throw light on how compassion can be cultivated and practised in our homes, at school, and in our workspaces. 


This book invites you to explore a new way of being, based on time-tested concepts that can be 'compassionately' implemented in a pragmatic world.

Cultivating Compassion

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