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C r e a t i v e   F a r m   S c h o o l ,  1 5 t h   A u g   2 0 2 1


The Journey at a Glance

Creative School then, adding Creative Farm School now: a labor of love that stemmed from a dream of learning differently and began more than a decade ago. It’s often mentioned in the scrolls of history, how grit, determination and vision can enable
nations and communities to reach unparalleled potential. Under the aegis and vision of our founders, Jayashree Ashok and B. Ashok, as part of The Healing Circle have created a conscious community - through collaborative work that inspires us to transcend personal laws and belief systems that no longer serve us and co-create a better world for our children . It is a community dedicated to inner freedom and outer productivity.

The guidance of our Masters, the contributions of our Sangha and the generosity of the ones who share our vision have brought us many a mile from the bustling Bangalore city to the serenity of the Kalkunte village, in Doddaballapur, home to the new Creative Farm School. One amongst the many more projects to come, the Creative Farm School is our conscious step to help future generations stay connected to our Earth Mother and experience the expansive outdoors while leading sustainable lifestyles. The Creative Farm school provides us an opportunity to scale and manifest the work done at our existing campus at LG Lake Dew, Doddagubbi.

The journey to the Farm School began in 2014 traversing the highs and lows, all the while trusting in the guidance and clarity to find this sacred space. As the Divine Plan was set in motion, in true resonance with our founders’ vision - on Women’s Day in 2017, the gentle slopes and meandering drives down rusty paths and roads, enhanced by the vastness of the space that beckoned us, and brought to fore abundance and nature conscious creation in our lives. Our journey from Doddagubbi to Doddaballapur bore fruit, under the guidance of the Masters.


The Consecration

We have had the privilege to become channels of a Divine Plan that led towards providence perfect synchronicity - Creative Farm School was consecrated on 15th August 2021 at our new campus, Freedom Land.

The year 2021 marks the 150th Birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo. Our consecration on Sri Aurobindo’s birthday helps us connect to the highest Divine Consciousness to move beyond our individual ego into compassion and service. Sri Aurobindo dedicated his sadhana in service to India. Guided by his teachings we aspire for Creative to be one of the finest schools serving both urban and rural children.

In tune with the spirit of Seva and Compassion, there were three important publications that were also consecrated on the same day:

  • Cultivating Compassion: a book that is a culmination of twelve years of sadhana and guidance which Jayashree and Ashok, have shared with the core team at Creative and Prajna, and the teachers-therapists community.

  • Sacred Teens: the very first comprehensive compilation of insights and practices put together by young practitioners of conscious living, our Cosmos students led by Manasa and Sanjeev who also edited and designed the book.

  • Sacred Children magazine: another issue of the series was released, primarily focussing on healing tools and processes for individuals and families.


The birthing phase and appropriation at Freedom Land, rightly christened by our children, has taught us valuable lessons. The experience has been profound for each of us involved in the process, it has enabled us to truly experience our Souls' potential and move beyond the physical realms of consciousness. We have had support from our Founders, Trustees, teachers, parents and children, ensuring the vision is fulfilled.

Sumptuous meals are always a part of any celebration in our culture followed by which the sangha members settled down at the newly constructed Farm School for a cultural extravaganza that was curated by the students of Class Cosmos (grade 11 and 12). The program ranged from classical dance, music and everything that could give you a quick but deep insight to the rich ethos that form the roots of our country and its citizens. Certificates of achievement were distributed to students passing out and promises of future contribution were declared by the students who are an integral part of our system.



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Bhumi Seva, our offering to Earth Mother forms an integral part of the work we do at The Healing Circle trust. This event was an opportunity for parents of Creative School and students to visit Freedom Land partake in the Inaugural function of Creative Farm School. All that was planted years or even a year ago, be it thought, intent or tree has now grown taller than us. Many of us are already feasting our eyes on the beautiful blossoms and tasting the bounty of produce: fruits, vegetables and farm produce.

Another service opportunity for every Sangha member to partake in and contribute was the Aarogya Jyothi, a holistic well-being event organized for the families of our Support Staff as well as, the construction work force and their families at Freedom Land. This included a mini workshop on well-being practices, medical consultation along with diagnostic tests followed by distribution of medicines and nutritional supplements.

The clamour, clutter, noise and din that's gone into building this space continues and has now become music to our ears. The men, the machines and the material have laboured day and night to give us a space which is home to a few now, but will soon welcome many more with a warm embrace.

With a vision to amalgamate the best of the spiritual and educational world, Freedom Land is not a mere dream of an expansive space, it’s a vision that roots from the teachings of the Masters who guide us. Hence we also chose to consecrate the work of everyone involved on this day.


As a tribute to all our Spiritual Masters and the Founders’ vision, the day of consecration of Creative Farm School was truly representative of who we are as a community and the journey we have embarked on. A few of us were privileged to be a part of this history in the making, providing us with a platform to support the Trust's objectives of creating a
conscious community that fosters each of its members to live to their soul's potential.

We at Creative and Prajna bring our offerings of learning to our children: we are co-creators of a unique process for our children; we are what we are inspired to be - our very best for our children.

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