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Support a Child

The Healing Circle runs a program called ‘Support a Child’ at Creative School to invite interested organizations and individuals to sponsor the cost of educational expenses...

The Healing Circle runs a program called ‘Support a Child’ at Creative School to invite interested organizations and individuals to sponsor the cost of educational expenses for underprivileged children. This is to encourage supporters to join us in steering them to live with self-reliance and dignity. Ours is a holistic school not just for children, but also for their families, and teachers. Started in June 2010, at North Bangalore, our uniqueness lies in our outreach to all sections of society.

We have parents from all walks of society who believe in the philosophy of Creative. We have 85 children in our school with parental income between Rs.30,000 and Rs.100,000 per annum. Some of these parents are staffed at our school as cooks, drivers and errand workers, while many others work in surrounding communities as security guards, household help, and facility helpers.

The children of these lower economic groups are provided education, food and nutrition, and health assistance through Creative. We are an inclusive school that provides the highest quality of education to all at school to reach their own highest potential and we want to stay so; help is needed from all corners to keep realizing this. We not only focus on academics, but also on visual and performing arts, sports, music, meditation, gardening and self care in our vast curriculum. We are committed to raising the bar of education across communities by having a quality education available inclusively and equally across all sections of society.

All children are supported by their class teachers and assistant teachers who bring in the Sacred Classroom principles and the Four Step Learning process, the cornerstones of our curriculum work. The class teachers and at least 6 resource specialists to help them with their remedial needs and emotional needs. Their field trip needs, day time food needs, after school homework help, emotional and physical health needs, and summer camps and summer study programs are all offered at no cost to the families.

We request you for funds towards the education costs of children completely or partly. As per the Indian government regulations, we are required to admit at least 25% children into class 1 per year into our school from poorer economic backgrounds. As is evident, we are doing this and much more. Every child who has applied in this category in our school has been accepted. That is our commitment.

All children supported under the “Support a Child’ program receive counselling support, healing sessions, medical attention, homework and remedial coaching over holidays, and afterschool engagement for assistive technology help for language learning, and dance.

The tuition expenses per year is amortized to cover the operating costs of teacher and staff salaries, rent, amenities, and short field trips. The material fees are inclusive of books, notebooks, art supplies, stationery needs and learning aids.

The sport fees cover fees towards sports equipment, annual sports day, spots counselling, arena charges, and special coaching fees. The food fees include wholesome organic food for lunch and breakfast and includes a fruit snack everyday.

Patrons are welcome to come and visit our space and have a day with us. We thank you for your support!

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