If Only We Are Willing To Listen!
By Jayashree Ashok

Children have profound and whole wisdom in them. Especially in their early ages – children have no pretence. They are connected to themselves and authentic.  In a natural being state, they are very much in tune with bodies and feelings. They are happy when happy, sad when sad and angry when angry.  They continue to be natural and authentic unless deeply suppressed by adults. Living in the moment – they are quick to forgive and forget unless we adults intervene a lot.  I have often found that children have the simplicity and profoundness of Zen masters.   They cut through fluff and come straight to the point.   Their simple solutions often baffle me in their wholeness.

Rudolph’s Steiner’s wonderful work on child development takes into account all realms including physical, emotional and spiritual. It needs to truly be practiced by many of us. Steiner talked about how children younger than the age of 7 are still very much connected to the higher divine planes, “devaloka”.  They are thus able to imagine and talk about “realities” which our adult minds have long forgotten or disconnected from.

Children are already spiritual.  A young child is very aware of direct inner guidance from their inner being.  What we need to do is be careful not to step on them and carelessly end up forcing them to lose this innate wisdom. Retaining their innate wisdom will help them develop into whole adults. Over many years, I have learnt to trust the inner voice of my children and learn from them. Here is a true story about a child Raju who became my teacher. All I had to do was listen!

One morning little Raju (who is 8 years old) came to me straight from home. He woke up and told his mother he had to see Jayashree aunty. All night long Raju had a fever, running nose, severe headache and earache. He told his mother that he saw “blue light” and “red light” and angels. He was in a lot of pain and had high fever when he came into my healing room.

Simple and direct – he told me “Jayashree Aunty, can you please make the headache go away. I need to see a doctor for my ears but can you help me with my headache?”

I asked him ,“Raju, what happened yesterday?”. He answered that he saw some lights and then developed a bad headache.  “I saw angels too,” he said.

I immediately asked him, “Can you please draw and colour the angels?” He readily agreed. With a streaming nose and teary eyes, he drew an angel for me. It had a red shirt and green dhoti. I asked him if his angel had a name. He immediately answered “Raju Krishna.”

At this time I intuitively felt he was connected to his own higher soul and the Krishna consciousness inside him. “Ask Raju Krishna – how can you make the headache go away?” He closed his eyes and then answered. “By making Raju Krishna come into my heart. He is in my head now.” I gently hugged him and asked him if he is ready to bring Raju Krishna into his heart. He immediately answered yes. He closed his eyes and said “Bringing Raju Krishna into my heart” a few times. I gently massaged him from head down to his heart physically sweeping the energy down.

In less than 10 minutes, his fever was COMPLETELY gone. His nose stopped leaking and headache cleared. The ears stopped hurting too. It was stunning. I requested him to lie down and rest his body. But he felt ready to go and play. He said he felt Raju Krishna in his whole body now. And his body was peaceful and calm.  No medicines.  I just trusted his inner guidance on how to heal. He also told me clearly he still needed to see a doctor later so that the doctor can give him medicines for his ears. Sure enough, a visit to the doctor showed he had an infection and needed medicines for that.

It is amazing that this child knew exactly what he needed to feel better. All I had to do was listen, trust and follow his inner guidance. Raju is lucky he can still hear his inner voice. Often, children’s intuition is dismissed as fantasy or imagination. Every one of us has the ability to heal ourselves to whatever extent we are willing to.  In this case Raju was clear in his instructions to me.

I knew that morning that Raju had had a spiritual experience the previous evening.  Young children often do since they are connected to both realms – divine and earthly realms. His energy remained in his head and caused the headache. What he needed was gentle earthing and complete trust in his experience. The drawing, gentle massage all helped him listen and safely explore his experience.  Often, (quite naturally) parents get worried and anxious. They unintentionally cause the experience to not be fully accepted and integrated. Luckily, this parent trusted her child and straight away brought him to me since she was not confident of handling it herself. More parents need to learn to trust and connect with their children’s experiences. Simple and effective healing can be practiced at home itself. In this case the rapid healing of his illness was direct tangible physical proof. His fever completely cleared.

Of course it has taken me years of spiritual training and my own direct share of soul experiences to reach this level of faith and trust in this young child. Reading it intellectually is different from having developed faith out of direct experience. The more we adults open up and explore our own spiritual self, the better we can connect with children’s spiritual experiences and help them retain what is already in them.  Often the direct result of this is a physically healthy body that is in tune emotionally and spiritually. On that morning I was grateful to Raju for having chosen me as his friend to share this with.

I wish with all my heart that more and more adults simply listen and children are able to retain their wonderful connection with their inner self.