Abundance In The Classroom
By Jayashree Ashok

The Energy of Ease and Flow in the Classroom 

An often ignored aspect of education is the energy of abundance inside a classroom – an easy, expansive flow. Topics are  explored in a relaxed manner. A confidence exists within the teacher and children of the lesson to be learnt.

A critical aspect of the abundant classroom is the teacher’s inner state. Children truly learn in an environment of unconditional love and awareness. Very often, a teacher gets stuck in the details of the lesson and delivers it as a task to be completed. A chore to be finished. This contributes to a poor learning environment. Children “sense” a teachers stress and “shut off” causing a lack of flow or connection with the facilitator. A “lack”of time. Learning is simply not effective for either the child or the teacher. The teacher’s efforts are wasted. We do not accomplish our required outcome or result.

Instead, in an abundant classroom – there exists a sense of time rather than busyness.  The same lesson can be learnt in an effective manner. A child’s attention and receptivity is increased enormously once this “window of learning” is open. Such an environment also encourages children to fully participate and take ownership of their own learning. An environment of trust encourages responsible children capable of tracking their own needs and learning requirements.

Let us explore some aspects of an abundant classroom –

  • Sense of time and plenty in an environment of awareness and unconditional love
  • Confidence in a child’s abilities
  • Flow and easy structure in the lesson
  • Flexibility and openness towards a child’s varying style of learning and expression
  • The freedom to make and learn from their own mistakes
  • Adaptability of the lesson as it evolves
  • Creativity
  • An inner sense of well being and the universe’s ability to provide for all our needs

One can easily notice how much of this is an internal state of being. Children are naturally abundant, flexible and infinitely creative.  An insensitive school environment tends to destroy this inherent creativity in children. For us to facilitate the true potential within each child - we need to become abundant and creative ourselves. Abundance needs to be the inner state of the teacher.